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Urban Peace Fellowship is an initiative of Street Psalms which seek to develop incarnational leaders who work towards the peace of their cities.  Street Psalms work with two other partners in the Urban Training Collaborative (UTC) as the managing partner who coordinates and nurtures the network. The other partners in this shared network with a global joint initiative are Leadership Foundations and Christian Reformed World Missions. Together, these three partners form a dynamic global training collaborative that equips the head (Reflection), heart (Discernment), and hands (Action) of urban community leaders, churches and organizations who seek the social and spiritual renewal of cities. This vision is drawn from Jesus’s first public address in Luke 4:18-19, which speaks of good news and liberation for the poor.


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One of our elders used to be “ a chokora” a derogative name for street child because of his troubled background but, he is now transformed and preaching the gospel of resurrected Jesus. He has settled in the church and community and is not only serving the church on a regular basis but runs a business that employs people from the community.