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Community training program

Are you a church or community leader seeking for theological training that will transform your perspective, move you from a mere theorist, provide a peer praxis community  and position you in a global community of urban mission practitioners? Center for transforming mission-Kenya aims to equip church and community leaders through theological trainings that seek to […].


The HOH Mentoring Program recruits, screens, trains, matches and supervises adult volunteer mentors to provide group mentoring to teens fourteen years of age and above, on the secondary school basketball team. The program strives to provide High school teens with one or more adult mentors who interact with the teens on a consistent (once a […].

Basketball and Mentorship

We are developing a Highway of Hope that runs through Kibra where every one of good faith and goodwill will get to showcase their innovative Hope response to the challenges and opportunities facing Kibra. CTM Kenya in partnership with Global Youth Initiative (Leadership Foundations), is seeking to join different organizations and individuals in Kibra already […].

Youth Leadership Program

Goals The program goal is to provide a holistic structure to develop and train emerging leaders by improving information flow and knowledge effectively among the youth. Provide avenue for continuing in both formal and informal education, entrepreneurship, creative art and Information Technology innovation through creation of scholarships, grants and other opportunities to tap into locally […].