Helping youth achieve their full potential

Our Programs


Highway of Hope Sports mentoring program currently works in three school.


Walking with organization through their initial developmental stages. Helping to set up healthy systems.

Art from Below

Art program for children in the community. Conducted during school holidays.


Current organizations involved with us in mentoring students in the communities we serve

What we do


The program goal is to provide a holistic structure to educate, develop and train emerging leaders by improving information flow and knowledge effectively among the youth. Provide avenue for continuing in both formal and informal education, entrepreneurship, sports, creative art and Information Technology innovation through creation of scholarships, grants and other opportunities to tap into locally and abroad.


Highway of Hope Initiative


Highway of Hope is project dedicated to bringing hope and encouragement back into the slums of Nairobi through sports, education and community growth.


Sixteen schools, public and private serving children and youth in Kibra have been identified to host basketball courts. These courts will serve as spaces for learning, connecting and naturing talents. They will also be great spaces where youth will receive hands on mentorship that will prepare them for life beyond school.

A leadership Center is also being constructed in the same community. The center will serve as a hub for different groups and organizations to bring this dream to reality.


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