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The City is our Classroom, Parish and Playground

God loves the City. The City has a lot to teach us and we seek to be better students of our city. The City works best in unity. We are called to serve the whole city. There are endless opportunities in the city, to collaborate, try new things and share our experiences in a non rivalistic manner, we seek to connect and serve with others as we seek the transformation of our city.

Founded in 1999, the Center for Transforming Mission (CTM Inc.) worked to improve the situation of marginalized communities around the world by supporting indigenous leaders with the training and resources to make a greater impact in their communities. This ministry began in Denver USA and currently has local organizations in Dominican Republic, Guatemala and currently Kenya. The Kenyan office started her operations in 2010 still under the USA but had to get local registration and ownership for sustainable implementation of her programs.

CTM Kenya arose from the experience of CTM USA which has since then changed its name to Street Psalm. Though the USA office adopted high risk youth as her target constituency, their Kenya counterpart looked at the general leadership in the communities and especially within the churches. Therefore the aim was to build capacities of leaders through trainings and empowering them and their constituent communities through livelihoods development and the deepening of their individual and community safety net. However, Advocacy was also inculcated in her interventions and is currently executed through partnerships.


The foundation of CTM is built upon the mission of Christ in Luke 4: 18-19 and thus the organization facilitates the above processes through proclamation of the word and demonstration through tangible action.


In her efforts to walk with the marginalized communities CTM Kenya recognizes that the most powerful and renewable resource in high-risk communities resides within the communities themselves. This includes relationships between and among individual community members as well as relationships and institutions that sustain the life of the community. Thus the critical need is to recognize, network, and train indigenous leaders to activate these resources in a way that is beneficial and sustainable.


Since August 2018, CTM Kenya was accredited as a Local Leadership Foundation and recognized among the global leadership foundations globally as: Center For Transforming Mission - Nairobi Leadership Foundation




CTM Kenya affirms the important role leadership plays in communities and especially within the urban church in transforming the city.

We are part of global networks and movements that seek to transform the cities relationally. We value the following;


The Whole Gospel

The Whole Person

The Whole Church

The Whole World


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