About Us

The City is our Classroom, Parish and Playground

The City has a lot to teach us and we seek to be better students of our city. The City works best united, we are called to serve the whole city. The city offers endless opportunities to collaborate, try new things and share our experiences in a non rivalistic manner, we seek to connect and serve with others.

Our Team

Ryan Raegan

Executive Director


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Garrie Kristen

Training Director


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Peter Calvin



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Nina Grisham

Gender and Youth


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CTM Kenya looks at the general leadership in the communities and especially within the urban churches. We aim to build capacities of leaders through trainings and empower them and their constituent communities through livelihoods development and the deepening of their individual and community safety net.

CTM Kenya is also involved in Advocacy in the city but does so in partnerships with the local churches, community members and organizations serving in those areas.

We are part networks and movements that seek to transform the cities globally.


The Whole Gospel

The Whole Person

The Whole Church

The Whole World



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CTM Kenya

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