Monthly Reflection

Monthly Reflection- March 2015

Transformed To Transform

My name is Henry Okwaro. I am the pastor of Church for the Lord Faith Healing Ministry, a church located in Komongo in the Korokocho slums in Nairobi. My church has a membership of 85 people comprising of 20 women, 10 men, 35 youth and 20 children. Kogochocho is an informal settlement with an estimated population of 150000 representing people from different ethnic backgrounds from across the country.

Transformation is seen or experienced when certain thing, things person or people’s way of life changes from the usual way of doing things to a different way.

There are certain behaviours in some communities, which are deeply rooted in their lifestyle. These behaviors are often not their cultural practice but things that have been embraced to the extent that it is hard to distinguish these practices from their culture.

When I got saved in the year 1992, the way I used to do things changed as per the teachings I underwent. It became clear to me that no other church or person can experience the power of God the way we were experiencing the presence and power of God in our church hence we saw ourselves as special people, this way of doing things was so dominant in our ministry that we almost became a cult. We could hardly mix with other Christians, as they were “not spiritually upright”. It was not until 2004 when God transferred me to a branch of our ministry, which is situated in Korokocho slums. There, life was at its lowest ebb. This was the beginning of both my spiritual and physical transformation. The experience was challenging, as the way of doing things was so much different from the way I was used to doing things.

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